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Documentation archives

Among the technical documentation archives of the RKD is the material of Professor J.R.J. van Asperen de Boer and Professor M. Faries, containing the IRR negatives and manual assemblies of thousands of paintings and related text and image documentation. They also include several conservators’ archives, such as those from C.F.L. de Wild, Dr A.M. de Wild, P.F.J.M. Hermesdorf and the restoration foundation Stichting Kollektief Restauratieatelier Amsterdam (SKRA), containing a variety of technical research documentation and correspondence and IRR, UV and X-ray documents of the exhibition and publication Mondrian: The Transatlantic Paintings (2001), organized by Harvard University Art Museums (HUAM).

The RKD is also collaborating with Professor Peter Klein who shares thousands of dendrochronology reports with the academic public. The reports were digitized and entered into the RKD’s databases along with art historical information on the paintings.
It is in particular worth mentioning the archive of the Rembrandt Research Project (RRP) now in the collection of the RKD. Apart from a large amount of notes, correspondence, transcripts of auction catalogues, (copies of) photographs, infrareds, paint sample documentation and other research data on more than 600 Rembrandt paintings, the collection contains a fairly complete set of (prints of) X-ray films. In the frame of the Rembrandt Database project these films are being digitized and can be used for study purposes and other research projects. Already hundreds of X-ray films at the RKD and other institutions have been digitized, assembled, and published via the Rembrandt Database website ( This website enables researchers and other professionals to share their research material and information via the RKD with the academic public.

Though currently the database focuses on Rembrandt paintings, the RKD will provide the database as format for other artists or projects from 2018 onwards. The resource is embedded in the RKD database infrastructure and as such contains extensive art historical object data and presents technical documentation and information. One of the fruits is Van Gogh Worldwide, an initiative of the Kröller-Müller Museum, the Van Gogh Museum and the RKD, which started in autumn 2017.


Rick Johnson in an early stage has been able to use these digitized assembled X-rays for the development of his thread count algorithm and in particular for his angle map project.

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