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5.4.2 Display weave maps

The interface for displayWeaveMaps is shown in Figure 5.1, which opens on the summary page displaying four images: the vertical and horizontal thread densities and the vertical and horizontal angles. The numerical values (for instance, 14.39 +/-1.29 threads/cm) show the average and the standard deviation about that average for the horizontal thread density. The interface of displayWeaveMaps contains many options for choosing and viewing weave maps and angle maps. Enlarged images and more information can be obtained by choosing the checkboxes Hthread, Vthread, Hangle or Vangle (see the interface options in Figure 5.13). In this view, a colorbar displays the precise values represented by the various colors. The two sliders labeled color low and color high change the displayed colors to focus the image on various ranges of values. For the specific weave map shown in Figure 5.13, the two sliders have been adjusted so that the darkest colors represent thread densities of a little less than 12 threads/cm, while the lightest colors represent thread densities just slightly greater than 18 threads/cm.

Figure 5.13: The
Hthread, Vthread, Hangle, and Vangle display options present a more detailed version of the selected map.

Choosing the display option histo presents histograms (as in Figure 5.14) corresponding to the four images of the summary page. These show the distribution of values in each of the four maps and typically show a middle peak value and a bell curve-like variation about that center value.


Figure 5.14: Selecting the histo checkbox presents histograms of values corresponding to the four maps. These represent the range and variety of values that occur in the estimation procedure. Data shown is for Woman Writing a Letter, with Her Maid (L31). Typically, the histograms display a roughly bell-like shape.

Three other controls are the change directory button (to allow selection of different weave maps calculated using threadCount), snapshot, which saves the currently displayed page to a file, and the color map menu bar, which allows selection of a wide variety of color maps for the displayed images.

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