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5.4.1 The countingVermeer software

The countingVermeer software was used to generate all the weave and angle maps of this chapter and Chapter 6, and it can be used in several ways to examine X-rays of Vermeer’s canvases (or that of any other artist), in order to generate weave and angle maps. There are three basic functions, which are all available from the interface shown in Figure 4.1. The threadCount function is used to calculate the weave and angle maps; this results in a weave map file containing the estimated thread densities and angles for both the vertical and horizontal directions for each region throughout the X-ray of the canvas. The function displayWeaveMaps exhibits the estimated densities and angles as colored images, and can also provide summary information such as averages, standard deviations, and histograms. The third function, align, displays weave maps from two different paintings, both at the same resolution, and allows for moving, rotating, and flipping the images in order to help locate plausible thread count matches.

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