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2.6.4 Evidence of an accident

Although otherwise in good condition, View of Delft (L12) was damaged in 1876 when a curtain rod fell in the galleries, making a hole in the center of the sky. The damage was restored in the same year by W.A. Hopman (1828-1910). Although after restoration the damage is no longer visible, it is still clearly visible in the X-ray as a black area in the sky (Figures 2.28a,b).1

Figure 2.28a: Detail of the sky after restoration of the damage in Vermeer’s View of Delft (L12).

Figure 2.28b: Detail of the X-radiograph of
View of Delft (L12), showing the damage in the sky.


L. Struick van der Loeff, Vermeer in het licht: Conservering, Restauratie en Onderzoek: Verslag van de Restauratie van het Gezicht op Delft en het Meisje met de Parel van Johannes Vermeer, The Hague/Naarden/Wormer 1994, p. 31.

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