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Appendix VII: Software

Several Mathematica programs are introduced in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, and this folder refers to and introduces the files needed to run the software (those with extension .cdf are in the "computable Data Format" and require only the free Mathematica player as well as the source code (those in the .nb files, which require a full version of Mathematica software See Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 for a brief summary of the operation of each module.

The software can be freely downloaded from the GitHub repository:

All software is written by William Sethares (University of Wisconsin and Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) and is released under an open source license - attribution required. Attribution should be made to:

W. A. Sethares, “Automated Creation of Weave and Angle Maps” in Counting Vermeer, C. R. Johnson, Jr., Ed., RKD Studies, 2017; and/or to:

W. A. Sethares, “Computer-Assisted Manual Thread Marking” in Counting Vermeer, C. R. Johnson, Jr., Ed., RKD Studies, 2017.

These files are:

  • countingVermeer.cdf and countingVermeer.nb: main routine for calling the various modules
  • displayWeaveMaps.cdf and displayWeaveMaps.nb: used to display any precalculated weave maps
  • threadCount.cdf and threadCount25.nb: calculate weave maps from canvas x-rays
  • threadMarker.cdf and threadMarker.nb: used to mark threads for semi-automated manual counting
  • zoomIn.cdf and zoomIn.nb: look closely at x-rays by zooming in
  • align.cdf and align11.nb: read in two weave maps and display them on the same scale
  • alignAngle.nb: read in two angle maps and display them on the same scale
  • usersGuide.pdf: detailed instructions for use zoomIn, displayWeaveMaps, and align
  • WSIVP.pdf: a procedure for weft snake identification / verification

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