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Match One

  • Painting A: Title and L-number: Young Woman Seated at a Virginal (L36)
  • Painting A: Collection: The Leiden Collection, New York
  • Painting A: Date Range: 1670-1672
  • Painting B: Title and L-number: The Lacemaker (L29)
  • Painting B: Collection: Musée du Louvre, Paris
  • Painting B: Date Range: 1669-1671
  • Alignment Orientation: Horizontal to Horizontal, L36 on left, L29 rotated 180◦
  • Discovery Date: 2010
  • Publication: [Liedtke, Johnson and Johnson, 2012]

Left: Young Woman Seated at a Virginal (L36) (1670-1672); Right: The Lacemaker (L29) (1669-1671).

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