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Counting Vermeer:

Using Weave Maps to Study Vermeer's Canvases


Edited by C. Richard Johnson, Jr. and William A. Sethares

With contributions by:
Michiel Franken, C. Richard Johnson, Jr, Petria Noble, William A. Sethares, Chris Stolwijk, Ige Verslype,  Sytske Weidema and Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr.

Final editing by Sytske Weidema and Patrick Larsen

The Hague, October 2017



C. Richard Johnson, Jr., Editorial Note

Chris Stolwijk and Sytske Weidema, Foreword: Counting on the RKD

  1. Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr., The Scientific Examination of Works of Art: Its Potentials and Its Limitations
  2. Petria Noble and Ige Verslype, The Use of X-Radiographs in the Study of Paintings
  3. Michiel Franken, Sixty Years of Thread Counting 
  4. William A. Sethares, Computer-Assisted Manual Thread Marking
  5. William A. Sethares, Automated Creation of Weave Maps
  6. C. Richard Johnson, Jr., Exploiting Weave Maps



This monograph on Vermeer's canvas is dedicated to


Madlyn Millner Kahr (1913-2004)


Walter Arthur Liedtke, Jr. (1946-2015)


Title page / reference image: Girl with the Pearl Earring, ca. 1665, Mauritshuis: merged image of photo in normal light and X-radiograph

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